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1984 Squire Shop Construction

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Squire Shop Research

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Villain Sport Tunnel

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Maus Sport 40


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Hornet Hydro's


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90 Hydro


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Jeff's Sport 40


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Roadrunner Twin


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Phil Thomas SS45


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Random files - Russell Bear's Gallery
318 viewsRussell Bear
Ready For Decals 3.jpg
405 viewsMy little helper holding the boat. Russell Bear
Cowling Fitting Right Side.jpg
493 viewsUsing 1/4" Spruce to help in fitting the engine well sides at the front cowling area. The cowling is now cut and fits very well.Russell Bear
Deck Glued On 2.jpg
504 viewsI ran out of excuses as to why I couldn't glue the deck on. The entire hull was covered in masking tape overnight and weighted down on the building jig. The deck was trimmed and sanded this morning.Russell Bear
Rear Hatch Bottom.jpg
428 viewsBottom of the rear deck hatch. With the supports installed it is fairly rigid and fits the rear of the hull perfectly.Russell Bear
RoadRunner Hydro.jpg
RoadRunner 67 Hydro1079 viewsCMB 67 (Greenhead) PoweredRussell Bear
224 viewsRussell Bear
Decals On 2.jpg
393 viewsGot the graphics in today, spent about an hour applying them. They really did turn out great. Mike did a great job on them.Russell Bear
Squire Plans.JPG
651 viewsI bought these plans from Roger Newton years ago and finally decided to get building. These are plan #137(B).Russell Bear
Stringers 1.jpg
624 viewsStringer sticks installed on the sponson tops. Fitting of the cowl area is next than it will be time to remove her from the jig.Russell Bear

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