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327 viewsAlicia and FreddeNiklas Edlund
139 viewsoldlugs
c5-edges done with a brush778 viewsTerry Keeley
C9 - angle brackets for magnetic latches555 viewsGalvanized metal angles are 'glassed into each side of cowling. I decide to give the neodymium magnets a try. Two 5/16"x1/8"x3" neo's are glassed under the deck edge that will line up with these pieces of angle stock. Neo's are insanely strong for their size so once everything has cured I'll see how tightly they hold the cowl as prior tests showed great promise. BTW- the two ball ends on the back of the cowl will get removed & holes filled when the old paint & graphics get stripped. Also note the wax paper to keep things from sticking together that shouldn't be.Don Ferrette
790 viewsStuffing tube just "tacked" in place with 5 min epoxy with milled fiberglass mixed into it.Niklas Edlund
201 viewstnrcboatracer
m2-Mastic.409 viewsFirst step is mastic.Terry Keeley
Engine building 026.jpg
Kalfus type rudder & strut440 viewsThis Kalfus type strut is made of O-1 tool steel with the cold rolled steel hexagon propeller shaft keyed & silver soldered to the strut piece. In the bottom of the strut, closer to the front, there is an angled water inlet. This water inlet & the B-8 grade Bearium metal bushings allowed this assembly to run indefinitely & never wear out. The .125 thick, O-1 steel rudder blade, was hardened & brought to a spring temper. This blade was machined a full wedge, front to back, before hardening. The leading edge was sharp enough to cut! The slotted bottom aluminum screw acted as a shear pin when the blade struck objects.Jim Allen
424 views40 roadrunner xtreme engine area with drive line oilerfergy
Wild Thing catching some air!317 viewswswatzell

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