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A9 - strut & stuffing tube install2278 views Strut & stuffing tube now fitted. Actually can use the "S" bend in the stuffing tube. You can see more of the "factory floatation" which will be replaced with pool noodles. Don Ferrette
SGX/MAC45-IMPBA World Record Holder 1/3 mile oval D hydro2262 viewsDon Ferrette
A1 - as supplied2202 viewsGotta start somewhere. Caspari's hulls are nice, drive well & are fairly well built, it just takes an eternity to get one ( I think Phil Thomas is about the only scale builder who can get you a real nice boat in a reasonable time frame, just wish he offered more hulls). I was fortunate enough to get this from a guy who didn't have time to build it.Don Ferrette
OS needle base2136 viewsThe production model base. You can't get any more compact than this. The remote needle assembly that this base is designed for is the OS "in flight" assembly part no. 71703009. It will also accept manual OS needles like the one that comes in the 9B carbs. Send me an email if you'd like to get one (or more)- donferrette@verizon.netDon Ferrette
B8 - fitting the mechanicals2019 viewsAll the hardware, running gear & mounting brackets now in place & linkages made. Electronics have been bench tested & trimmed so after painting it's a matter of carefully re-installing everything & heading for the pond for final dial in. The foam blocks for floatation are visible under the deck. I had to go with the foam as you can't find pool noodles in the dead of winter. Now it's on to the fitting & finishing of the "cosmetic" pieces to get it ready for prepping for paint.Don Ferrette
031 - stainless Walt Barney tanks1880 viewsTest fitting the stainless tanks from Walt Barney. Walt builds a nice tank and these two are no exception. Both tanks are just as I asked for and fit perfectly, still need to add the silicone
"dots" to each corner to dampen the tanks from vibrations then make some "safety wires" to keep the tanks in place if the boat has any "incidents" and has the cowl come off. Hopefully that won't happen but better safe than sorry.
Don Ferrette
A6 - carbon fiber1857 viewsCarbon fiber added to strengthen the cowl. Stock cowling is too weak!! If you look closely you can see the "factory supplied" floatation under the decks.... packing peanuts! Rest assured there will be pool noodles in this boat before she hits the water! Don Ferrette
C8 - transom hardware1770 viewsTransom hardware now mounted. Speedmaster VM-4 hydro strut, Speedmaster transom bracket & 4" rudder extension. The killer pivot block & the 1.25" rudder blade are from CMDi. Andy made the pivot block as a direct fit to the Speedmaster hardware so you could use the CMDi rudder blades right out of the package without having to re-drill them. Don Ferrette
B3 - connecting the pieces1714 viewsStarting make up of pushrods & linkages. You can see the support pedestal for the long rudder pushrod, it's made out of balsa with a 1/8" ply piece glued to top. I set up everything right down to trimming the radio before any paint work begins. I look at it this way, the less you have to mess with putting it together once it's painted, the less chance you have of scratching that new Concours paint job. Don Ferrette
A8 - powerplant choice & motor mount1574 viewsNo surprises here. MAC 67 sits on a custom made mount. Didn't like the stud arrangement in tub sides as supplied so off they went! This is the newest MAC67 so I'm expecting this baby to really haul the freight!Don Ferrette
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