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l14301 viewsUsed a new Leeson 1/2hp motor that came with the fan for my spray booth, put the 1hp that came with the mill in the booth. Terry Keeley
OPS B-20.jpg
OPS B20 (limited edition)3979 viewsa twin .60gil sonsino
g53025 viewsMade a little broach from a 1/8" square hss blank soldered to a pocket cut in a piece of drill rod. With a little patience I was able to cut a keyway on my Compact 5 mill/drill.Terry Keeley
Kep's 21 oval2999 viewsMy first designed heat-race boat in 20 years (that is actually also built and raced). Runs with Sirio Kanai-2 engine with CMD barrel carb and home made water cooling head and home made short flywheel.Niklas Edlund
e1 - 40 boat becomes 60 SAW, Huntsville '03.2910 viewsTerry Keeley
Retrieve boat2886 viewsPropjockey
2736 viewsCouldnt live without them, Great Planes bar sanders - I use the 80 grit paper.Niklas Edlund
2700 viewsOne of my 2000 Bud T5 kits built by David Preussep thomas
a11-Palmgren Rotary Table2679 viewsMid 60's table I got from a buddy, excellent shape. I'll clean it up too... Terry Keeley
i2-Won't be long now...2671 viewsTerry Keeley
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