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Left side spoon401 viewsUsing the kit former as a template, get the top edge flat and smooth. Using a sharpie, draw around the former. Using a x-acto, cut the extra off. OB Nut
Right side spoon tip347 viewsSide curve cut and ready for sandingOB Nut
Side shot461 viewsTop and sides ready for sheeting.OB Nut
Bottom shot550 viewsSanded and ready for sheeting.OB Nut
Frame ready, what to do?495 viewsMary needs a new boat and she does not want to give up her 24" Dumas Sprint (wood frame version). However, the boat was showing it's age. As it happened to be, there was a 24" Sprint kit collecting dust. Figured I'd start building this up for her.
OB Nut
Foam blocks cut, set in sections.499 viewsSince I've built several frame ups and WOF's, thought I might stop here and think things thru. Sent a email to JD, wondering what he might think of using the WOF process instead of the standard frame. D'oh, ask the WOF man a question with WOF in it, what ya think his answer was? WOF all the way! So, here we go.OB Nut
Wire cut, ready to be glued.471 viewsEach section was cut individually with a hot wire cutter. Used double sided stick tape and card board cutout to use as a pattern. This way the wire wouldn't drop down into the slots.OB Nut
Glue time486 viewsHere the cut outs are glued in with West System expoxy. The front pieces will be cut out in a later date.OB Nut
Mary's current 24" Sprint at speed.528 viewsPic taken at the June Fun Run 03..OB Nut
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