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back of flow meter114 viewsChris WoodMay 16, 2008
flowmeter pics108 viewsChris WoodMay 16, 2008
flowmeter pics134 viewsChris WoodMay 16, 2008
flowmeter pics144 viewsChris WoodMay 16, 2008
flow meter pics116 viewsChris WoodMay 16, 2008
seals mounted500 viewsHere is the seal that will come in the kit. With the mounting system and
o-ring. Nice and clean.

I believe the kit will include 3 seals,mounts & o-rings.

Price to be determined....
Chris WoodMar 15, 2008
seals mounted on boat502 viewsHere is a view of the seals mounted to my blackbirdChris WoodMar 15, 2008
complete pushrod seal and mount433 viewsAnother shot of the seal system.. The great thing about this is you can epoxy on the mount, and if the seal goes bad all you have to do is pull off the o-ring and replace the seal. No more silicone seals and waiting for it to set up. Or super glueing on seals.. Quick and great in a Emergency.
Chris WoodMar 15, 2008
complete seal & mount553 viewsin this view you can see the mount with the seal and o-ring.

this is not the correct seal.. all are on my own boat till our order comes in for them. this is for a 2-56. the correct seals are for 4-40 thru 1/8".

I believe a 2-56 will also work fine
Chris WoodMar 15, 2008
bottom view228 viewslittle oil spots.. nothing to big. it is a race boat not a show pcChris WoodFeb 28, 2008
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