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a9-Knee and Table.JPG
a4-Knee and table parts1540 viewsTerry KeeleyOct 26, 2005
a12-Athol 4" vise that came with it.2518 viewsTerry KeeleyOct 10, 2005
a11-Palmgren Rotary Table2628 viewsMid 60's table I got from a buddy, excellent shape. I'll clean it up too... Terry KeeleyOct 10, 2005
Mike Nowicki359 viewsCo CD Mike Nowicki ran 88.827mph with his 20 hydro, not bad for 80 degree temps and only 94% air. Worked his tail off all weekend, thanks Mike!
(Picture from May)
Terry KeeleyOct 03, 2005
s-Kristie Frick after her record run.581 viewsKristie shows the secret to her success :)Terry KeeleyOct 03, 2005
i-Lunch time!381 viewsMat & Dom were helped by Detroit "Bad Boys" Joe Glambin and Ed Mazolla.Terry KeeleyOct 03, 2005
o-The "Indiana Gang".383 viewsKristie & Trint Frick, Bob & Karen Kensill, a friend who's name I can't quite remember, and a little Frick who had his 6th birthday! Terry KeeleyOct 03, 2005
p-Bob Kensill468 viewsBob after setting the C O/B Tunnel SAW record at 58.808 mph on Saturday, nice job!Terry KeeleyOct 03, 2005
q-Trint and Kristie retrieving their Villain after the record run.369 viewsWe had just done the math and found Kristie beat the record by the required 1/4mph and 0.006sec! Does she look happy or what!Terry KeeleyOct 03, 2005
r-Kristie Frick and her husband "crew chief" Trint.537 viewsKristie nudged the B Sport O/B tunnel record Sunday to 47.974 mph. Her best pass at 49.073 mph had her "Villain S1" blow off just past the traps. Terry KeeleyOct 03, 2005
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