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Last additions - 1996 U-10 Smokin' Joe's build up
G3 - Showtime!756 viewsOnly thing better than finally getting the boat to it's first race is getting a pic of it with 3 Hooter's girls. Don FerretteMay 25, 2007
G2 - wing repairs begin643 viewsBig thanks to Phil Thomas for the real nice rock solid carbon fiber Lucero style wing set. Graphics arrived today so time to put my baby back together.Don FerretteMay 09, 2007
F9 - not such a good first outing712 viewsFirst time in the water & I turned it over! Realized afterwards it probably was my own fault for forgetting to fix the front canards in place at the typical up angle I run. Boat did a soft roll up & over, didn't think much of it as even as I got to the boat upside down it appeared things were fine until I saw exactly 1/2 of the left vertical was gone. Looking closely it appears a very poor bonding job let the two pieces separate as it didn't even hit hard enough to break the little 6-32 nylon screwsDon FerretteApr 14, 2007
G1591 viewsThe wing side that was left is so thin it flexes like a piece of cheap plastic as can be seen by the lifted paint & graphics.Don FerretteApr 14, 2007
F8660 viewsDon FerretteApr 13, 2007
F7588 viewsDon FerretteApr 13, 2007
F6575 viewsDon FerretteApr 13, 2007
F5587 viewsDon FerretteApr 13, 2007
F4560 viewsDon FerretteApr 13, 2007
F3573 viewsDon FerretteApr 13, 2007
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