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D4 - takin' shape758 viewsGetting closer now, test fitting of wings & canard flaps. Cockpit liner is in place & fits well, will begin detail work on that soon. A few more little things like wing support rods and turn fin install then it's time to start prepping for that first coat of DZ-3 primer/surfacer. Don Ferrette
A8 - radio box part 3826 viewsA place for everything & everything in it's place. Like the radio boxes in my other scale boats every bit of space is utilized. Once the inside is sealed with West Systems the top piece will get cut out & the step added to hold the clear plastic lid flush with the top for a nice tight seal when it is taped up. Note the clear plastic tube in the upper left hand corner that allows a clean exit of the antenna wire out of the radio box. Once antenna wire is pulled thru, a piece of heat shrink tubing on the outside end will give a nice watertight seal.Don Ferrette
A9 - stuffing tube sleeve837 viewsThis is the 11/32" brass sleeve that I 'glassed into the tub to secure & align the stuffing tube. The sleeve is bonded in place with 5 layers of 1/2oz. cloth so it is very strong but very clean in appearance. The big advantage to the sleeve is it allows easy stuffing tube removal should that ever become a requirement.Don Ferrette
D5 - cutting open the canards652 viewsI really didn't want to do this but I just couldn't stand how it looked. The trailing edge of the canards were over 1/2" thick but the leading edges of the canard flaps were just under 3/8" & the more I looked at it the more it bothered me as the excess was all on the top side. Granted most probably would have been able to let it go but I just couldn't so out came the Dremel & the cutting wheels.Don Ferrette
F8660 viewsDon Ferrette
D6 - corrected canards660 viewsAfter bonding the re-cut & re-shaped top pieces back in place the corner radius filler is laid in. Once this sets up I will sand it to blend the lines & then continue on with the fitting up of the canard flaps. I really didn't plan on this as it wasted almost an entire day but I just couldn't let it go like it was.Don Ferrette
F6575 viewsDon Ferrette
F7588 viewsDon Ferrette
B2 - deck cut out717 viewsHere's where I cut the rear deck out to allow easier access to the strut for adjusting. I will build a seperate rear deck plate that will hold the turbine tube & the small turbine tube cowling. It will be quick & easy to remove for strut adjustments should that ever become necessary.Don Ferrette
D7 - neodymium magnets707 viewsLike I did on the Bud T-4 the neo's are used for the rear cowl hold downs. 5/16"x1/8"x3" neo's are 'glassed under each side of the deck lip. Then I cut down a pair of galvanized angle brackets & they are 'glassed to each side of the cowl directly in line with the neo's. The small wood block is to keep the cowl from sliding backwards, the angle bracket butts directly up to it when in place. These magnets have incredible holding power be they still allow some fore/aft movement & the blocks prevent that from happening.Don Ferrette
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