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216 viewsEllert is always happy!Niklas Edlund
438 viewsMats Aldell's rigger. He finished 7:th on saturday in 7.5.Niklas Edlund
192 viewsOk, had to publish this also. Fredrik Cederberg from down below... LOLNiklas Edlund
227 viewsI forgott my good Canon lense at home... Somewhat nice shot anyway... :-)Niklas Edlund
376 viewsKalle Schenning to the left with a borrowed 2006 world champion 3.5 cc Eagle SGX-1 from Jorgen Andersson. Kalle finished an incredible second on the nats on saturday. He has not driven an rigger since the middle of the 80's before saturday mornings practice. WOW. He will be back I think in 2007... :-) As a side note, booth Kalle and Jonas (wich borrowed a boat from me) beat Jorgen and myself on saturday! Quite funny... LOLNiklas Edlund
241 viewsThis is the last Swedish Hydro 15 cc nats race as of 2006. Fredrik Cederberg in the middle won the race in front of Anders Martinelle (in shades) and Jorgen Andersson in third (Bullens Pilsner Korv shirt on as usuall... LOL)Niklas Edlund
247 viewsLast nats of 2006 in hydro 7.5 cc. Jorgen won the race in front of Anders Martinelle to the right and Fredrik Lundahl in third (to the left).Niklas Edlund
229 viewsThis is the last Hydro 3.5 nats of 2006. From the left junior driver Pontus Laakkonen with his first ever throphy! Pontus was smiling hard and had an well deserved third place after the "old Team GOG dudes". Jorgen in the middle won in front of me Niklas in second place.Niklas Edlund
449 viewsThis is me Niklas Edlund - 2006 Swedish Champion in 3.5 cc... :-) Kep's 21 rigger with CMD hardware, all Futaba gear (3PK synth, 2xS9650, S9550 & R303 FHS synth reciver), Sirio engine, CMD fat pipe, Andy 1445 3.5 cup prop, 60% fuel with Klotz Super Techniplate... Second in the 2006 championships is Jorgen Andersson and third is Torbjorn Carlson.Niklas Edlund
442 viewsAnders Martinelle is the new 2006 Swedish Champion in Hydro 7.5 & 15 cc. Eagle boats, CMB powerplants and Futaba gear.Niklas Edlund
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