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1106 viewsA set of inside parts for 4 pairs of sponsons. Its way easier and faster to do more then one set at a time. The plywood is hold together with pieces of carpet tape.Niklas Edlund
868 viewsSponson templates made from 1.5 mm plywood. The drawing is glued on with spray cement. Be very carfull when cutting them out. Cut them on the inside of the outline. I make my boat drawings in Illustrator...Niklas Edlund
735 viewsTemplate with 1 mm holes for making a punch hole to the plywood sponson insides.Niklas Edlund
1022 viewsDivinycell H60 closed cell PVC foam core material. In this case for building a pair of .21 size sponsons. Works very well with normal CA glue if "right" technique is used. When I have tested - CA glue makes a superior glue joint when skinned with plywood vs epoxy glue - on Divinycell H series that is...Niklas Edlund
845 views4 left and 4 right inside plywood parts after they are "broken" apart. R = 2.5 mm & L = 1.5 mm.Niklas Edlund
822 views2.5 & 1.5 mm thick.Niklas Edlund
869 viewsAnother view of the plywood insides. Ready to be CA glued to the foam core.Niklas Edlund
1016 viewsDivinycell H60. Make shure the sides are straight, true and in 90 deg angle...Niklas Edlund
2730 viewsCouldnt live without them, Great Planes bar sanders - I use the 80 grit paper.Niklas Edlund
926 viewsUse the inside sponson template and make a rough outline on the Divinycell foam. Vacume the foam or blow the excesive dust away... Spray kicker on the plywood, then spread CA glue on the drawn line all the way around, then fill it in in a zig-zag "pattern" between the lines. Apply the "pre-kicked" plywood (kicker side down!) to the Divinycell. Then turn it upside down and push down. It helps if you have a flat surface of course and some plastic wrap or similar so you wont glue you sponsons to the table...Niklas Edlund
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