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Exhaust radii cutting fixture989 viewsThe fixture can be set at different angles with a bevel protractor. It can be rotated slowly with the large handle on the right. The large teflon washer between the stationary & rotating block is adjusted with the lock nut for high drag, allowing the rotation to be easily controlled. The handle has an internal spline allowing it to be positioned in the middle of the rotation amount. Jim Allen
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Exhaust radii cutting fixture that can be used to cut a straight exhaust also1039 viewsThis fixture when used on a rotary table can cut different radii in the top of an exhaust at different angles. It uses the same fixture to hold the liner as the one used to machine & grind liners. No HP gains found with curved top exhaust. It can also cut a straight exhaust at different angles.Jim Allen
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Rear view of fixture showing indexing scale748 viewsIndexes on back of the radaii cutting fixture determine the width of any exhaust which is cut .Jim Allen
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