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chrome tank 010.jpg
784 viewsThis fixture is used to machine & grind chromed liners. It can be used in the lathe or the OD-ID grinder. Notice, the liner is only held by the lip (.200 thick); not by the sleeve. All liner windows are cut in a custom modified dividing head.Jim Allen
chrome tank 014.jpg
881 viewsThe pin on rear of the fixture gives the proper index for cutting exhaust in the radii cutting fixture.Jim Allen
chrome tank 015.jpg
1567 viewsA typical Liner secured in the fixture. When grinding any liner I use Sunnen honing oil #MB-30-5 that has been used before to grind chrome. I make the 1 in dia X .750 wide (100 grit) wheels, & grind at 26,000 rpm to get this finish. These liners are not honed after grinding & there is no lapping done with any type of diamond lapping compound!Jim Allen
chrome tank 016.jpg
772 viewsThis fixture is used to hold liners for machining & grinding. The top clamping piece is hardened & ground.Jim Allen
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