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441 viewsThe head pipe & the first section of the tuned pipe.Jim Allen
421 viewsThe first two sections of the mulit-stage pipe. Boring bars made of .625 & .750 dia hardened Thomson rod, 9 inches in length, with silver soldered C-5 grade carbide inserts, enabled the
rapid boring of each section.
Jim Allen
419 viewsThe middle sections of a 30,000 rpm pipe machined from 1018 cold rolled steel bar stock. All sections have .020 thick walls except the head pipe which has a .040 thick wall. Where the sections overlap at the joints, the pipes wall thickness is .010 for each piece.The entire unit is silver soldered in the lathe while rotating slowly. All joints are tinned first, then assembled & silver soldered.Jim Allen
427 viewsTwo middle sections of the multi-stage pipe.Jim Allen
437 viewsTwo middle sections of the multi-stage pipe from the other side.Jim Allen
492 viewsThe stinger section of the tuned pipe. Increases in stinger length are less critical than decreases in diameter for raising engine head temperature. Both can increase hp a significant amount!Jim Allen
442 viewsThe stinger section of the tuned pipe, looking from the back end.Jim Allen
490 viewsThe first four sections of the tuned pipe fitted together.Jim Allen
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