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892 viewsFour automatic fuel metering carburetors with velocity stacks machined on the carburetor body. All parts are interchangeable.Jim Allen
878 viewsAll the internal parts of the carburetor are made of 303 stainless. The carburetor meters fuel automatically as the barrel is closed & has a .0625 dia. stop pin in the outside of the rotating barrel which engages the machined circular grove in the .032 thick side plate. This feature controls the full open & closed positions. The needle valves have precision ground tapers & are made of 52100 full hard steel gage pins. The needle valve retainer spring is made of fully hardened beryllium copper. A new design needle valve is being built which will eliminate the problems associated with non-concentric tapered needle valves.Jim Allen
651 viewsThe velocity stack is machined with two formed cutters; inside then outside to a .030 thick wall. The velocity stack's radius & taper angle were tested on a flow bench to give increased air flow at high rpms. Jim Allen
750 viewsThe carburetor body is machined from 2024 T-351 round bar. The inside diameter of the carburetor & barrel is .625. It is a very light, strong piece.Jim Allen
594 viewsThis fixture is used to machine the throttle stop plate. The carburetor connot be opened or closed beyond the full positions because of this assembly & a stop pin located in the rotating barrel.Jim Allen
693 viewsThis fixture is used to bore the venturi hole (.625 dia); drill the hole for a .0625 dowel pin which holds inside machined tube [throttle arm threaded stud (6-23)]; & metering hole which engages the "V" slot.Jim Allen
646 viewsThis fixture is used to make & bend retainer springs. The retainer springs are made of #172 beryllium copper which is fully hardened. Jim Allen
609 viewsThis fixture is used to square the side flange & cut the "V" in the fuel metering device.Jim Allen
534 viewsThis fixture is used to cut the metering valve "V" slot.Jim Allen
636 viewsThis fixture is used to machine & bend throttle arms.Jim Allen
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