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.15 bell valve 001.jpg
846 viewsThe .15 size bell valve & back end with retaining screw.Jim Allen
.15 bell valve 002.jpg
825 viewsThe bell valve is made of 2024-T351 aluminum & has a wall thickness of .025. The screw hole in the crankshaft front end is drilled almost to the depth of the area where the rear main bearing would sit. The back end has a velocity stack curburetor which is threaded in.Jim Allen
.15 bell valve 003.jpg
1084 viewsThe entire assembly as it would be inside the .15 motor.Jim Allen
.15 bell valve 007.jpg
794 viewsThe Bugal back end with the bell valve & fastening screw.Jim Allen
.15 bell valve 008.jpg
919 viewsThe Bugal .15 bell valve which is fastened to the crank shaft. The unit requires an alignment fixture when assembling in the motor. The hole for the allen screw is drilled completly through the crank disc. Note the full disc crank for crankcase packing.Jim Allen
.15 bell valve 009.jpg
761 viewsJim Allen
bell valve assembly1372 viewsThis induction system gives a large increase in hp; removes excess drag from the bottom end; stuffs the cranklcase to the maxuim & allowes the connecting rod to be guided in the upper end. The total clearance between the ID of the bell valve & the OD of the back end it rotates around is .0001. Notice there is no rubbing between the valve and the back end in any of the photo's. These valves have been used for hundereds of hours of engine testing. The only part to be replaced was the ball bearing which has been replaced with a ceramic hybrid.Jim Allen
tooling required to make bell valve1050 viewsThe bottom two pieces are used on the rotary table; & the top two are used in the dividing head.Jim Allen
Bell valve assembly1202 viewsThe fully balanced valve turns on a bushing & a ball bearing, which takes any thrust load. Notice the oil groove in the face of the back end for additional lubrication. The ball bearing & the bushing are also lubricated from an oil hole in the intact tract. A new valve is being built that has a total opening of 137 deg. It opens 24 deg ABDC & close 63 deg ATDC with the window in the case still at 82 deg. This gives a total duration of 219 deg with a total wide open duration of 55 deg. FOUR VERY IMPORTANT FEATURES; AN UN-OBSTRUCTED WINDOW OPENING FOR AT LEAST 45 DEG OF ROTATION; MAXIUM CRANKCASE PACKING; AN EXCELLENT TIME AREA NUMBER BECAUSE THE VALVES WINDOW IS LOCATED ON ITS CIRCUMFERENCE & VERY LOW DRAG; ENABLE THIS VALVE TO GIVE LARGE HP INCREASES, ON ANY SIZE ENGINE. There is a leading tether car, boat racer from California who has tested this valve with the same results. Jim Allen
inverted drum valve on left & bell valve on right1595 viewsThe bell valve, on the right, is fully hardened & fully balanced. It increased the hp by .5 with the same timming as the inverted drum, on the left, (open 34 deg ABDC & close 63 deg ATDC). The bell valve's weight of 26 gms is 6 to 10 gms lighter than the weight of drum valves found in production motors. The valve runs on one ball bearing & one bushing with no rubbing on the case or the connecting rod. The window in the case is 82 deg wide & the window in the valve is 127 deg wide.This allows the bell valve window to remain wide open for 45 deg. of rotation, which gives the valve an excellent time area number, even though the total duration is only 209 deg.Jim Allen
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