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torque cradle1357 viewsThis torque cradle uses a Dynamax fan for the load. The unit is very easy to use for engine testing. A laser non-contact thermometer & a laser digital tachometer are used during dyno pulls. Both are shown at the bottom of the photograph. An aluminum loading device is being machined to replace the Dynamax fan. It will allow safe operation at 40,000 rpm. A load cell will also be added to complete this unit.Jim Allen
torque cradle using Dynamax fun for load1402 viewsThe load is varied by changing the size of the opening to the fan. Notice the air outlets on the circumference of the fan housing directing the escaping air away from the torque cradle. With the craddle locked by the black delrin block, the engines needle is set for maxium rpm. Then the cradle is released, & the swing position of the weight is noted by the pointer assembly. After the engine is stopped, a beam type torque wrench is placed in the nose cone & the entire unit is rotated for the torque amount.Jim Allen
torque cradle 004.jpg
Adjustable dyno weight714 viewsThe only purpose of the weight is to control the amount the cradle will swing during dyno puls. I have several weights from 12 ozs to 2 lbs 10 ozs. All can be adjusted on the threaded shaft. These weights have no effect on the amount of torque developed or the measurement of that torque. Jim Allen
torque cradle 006.jpg
Dynamax fan1089 viewsAt present, a Dynamax fan is used as the loading device. The load is varied by closing off the front of the shroud with different size air intake restrictors. A new loading device is being machined from aluminum to allow safe operation at 40,000 rpm. Also, a new load cell will be added, to make torque readings easy. At present, the pointer & scale indicate the torque amount.Jim Allen
torque cradle 009.jpg
Engine universal867 viewsThe female part (slotted) of the ball & pin type universal is machined directly on the .6250 dia fan shaft. The .6250 shaft is ground down to .5906 to give a shoulder for the inner race of the bearing. In the area where the pin engages the slot, the female universal is 63 Rc. The split clamp rings at both ends prevent any for or aft movement of the fan shaft when turning the fan. The fan shaft bearings are ceramic hybrids; ABEC-7 grade.Jim Allen
torque cradle 010.jpg
Fan shroud rear view701 viewsThis view shows how the fan shroud is fastened to the rear shaft bearing support. Also notice the rear main shaft bearing mount. Both mounts are aligled bored together. They are doweled pinned & keyed to the 1.000 in thick Blanchard ground base plate.Jim Allen
torque cradle 011.jpg
Torque cradle front end820 viewsThe 1.000 in dia main shaft rotates in two Barden, 25 mm (.9843) X 47 mm (1.8504), ABEC-7 bearings, with precision machined riveted aluminum cages. The ground shoulder at both ends of this shaft allow the main shaft assembly to be preloaded. Notice at the base of the front main shaft bearing housing how it is keyed to the base. It is also doweled pinned for easy re-location when assembling the unit.Jim Allen
torque cradle 013.jpg
Throttle control & main shaft clamp block758 viewsDuring needle setting, the main shaft is prevented from rotating by the large black delrin clamp block & the visible locking screw. After setting the needle, this block is released with the visible jack screw & the torque reading is taken. The engines rpm is taken from the fan's hub.Jim Allen
torque cradle 014.jpg
Top view of black delrin clamp block & throttle control961 viewsThe throttle control is designed for very rapid opening & closing; a necessary feature when testing piped engines. Engines that are tunned properly, will pipe up instantly from 12,000 to 32,000 rpm, even after long periods of low throttle operation. This fearure is helped greatly by the automatic fuel metering carburetor.Jim Allen
torque cradle 015.jpg
Shroud air restrictors585 viewsThese are samples of some of the restricting rings used to control the amount of incomming air & therefore vary the load. Jim Allen
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