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Sprint 90 sponson fastening.JPG
90 Sprint Bolted sponsons933 viewsSystem used on my 90 Sprint to retain sponsons. Full length alloy booms going into tubes glued into sponsons, alloy blocks in boom ends screwed into by M4 bolts thru sponson tops. Very stiff!nitrocrazed
Sprint A100 Yarra 04 Engine front quarter small.jpg
A100 as per Battle of the Borders 2004, last run995 viewsThe mighty full mod A100 just prior to blowing up! This engine pushed my heat racing boat to 93mph on the radar on 25% nitro! Own header, MAC 13mm carb, A100 water jacket, own design SPP pipe. Engine featured extensive mods, conrod was the weak link.nitrocrazed
Sprint A100 Yarra 04 rear sponsons.JPG
Sprint 90 underside1306 viewsRear sponsons of 90 Sprint. Own strut, brackets and rudder brackets. Rudder blade is Prather. Strut is stainless steel with needle roller bearings and ball thrust bearing. Centre sponside side is shorter to enable flex to be removed.nitrocrazed
Turbo plug seat drill122 views7mm drill modified by toolmaker to cut cone plug (turbo) seats. Other end turned down to be held in a milling collet.nitrocrazed
A180 Rigger504 viewsA180V powered rigger. Modified A180V, Bolly P-92 pipes, custom hardware, twin digital steering servos. Only hit the water once....nitrocrazed
A180 Rigger Engine Detail642 viewsA180V engine showing single central carb, cable throttle linkage, OS remote needle, twin tanks.nitrocrazed
C Hydro, 97 Vic Champs167 viewsL to R, Craig Chenco, Paul Stirton, Steve Tredaway, Aaron Alberico, long time ago....nitrocrazed
Wayne's 45 Seaducer294 viewsSD3, CMB45HR, CMB pipe.nitrocrazed
The Wideboys in Jackson 2004660 viewsAfter a hard nights drinking the Widboys catch up on some sleep. Except Phil who just sleeps anywhere!nitrocrazed
Winks 45.jpg
Steve Wideboy Winks 45597 viewsSteve's Wideboy Extreme 45 at BOTB. Looks like the turn fin needs a tweak!nitrocrazed
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