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101 Piston & Head.jpg
101 head button and piston838 viewsCMB 101RS piston and head button after chrome flaking. Remarkably little sign of damage, altho detonation is evident. The piston is shown on the exhaust side where damage from the flaking chrome would be expected but isnt evident.nitrocrazed
101 with Mac carb.JPG
Mac carb on CMB101549 views14mm MAC carb adapted to CMB101 RSnitrocrazed
101RS head buttons522 viewsHead buttons made for 101RS to use A100 cooling jacket.nitrocrazed
Top of 101 liner544 viewschroming flaking off above the exhaust port.nitrocrazed
101 Liner545 viewsChroming flaked off above one of the transfersnitrocrazed
101 liner709 viewsChroming flaked off above the exhaust portnitrocrazed
21 Size turn fin deformation303 viewsThe Finite Element Analysis of a 21 size rigger turn fin with realistic loadings, the amount of bending is shown exagerated but the scale is actual.nitrocrazed
21 Size turn fin deformation showing twist264 viewsFinite Element Analysis (FEA) of a 21 size fin with realistic loads, looking from behind. The deformation is shown exagerated but the scale is actual deformation (bending). Note the turn fin twists under load rather than simply bending outwards.nitrocrazed
2 Cylinder Side View, Feb 2003.734 viewsPossible basic layout of a geared two cylinder 30cc engine. As shown the P&L, rods and carbs are based on A-90 items. The crankshaft shown is supported by 4 bearings with drum induction integral in the crank. The two cranks are geared together and are geared up so the seperate output shaft runs faster than the crankshafts so that conventional props can be used. The crankshafts run in reverse with the output shaft running in the conventional direction.nitrocrazed
2 Cylinder Side View Comparison505 viewsThis shows the layout of the two cylinder engine compared to an A-90 to show the minimal size difference from this view for the 30cc engine.nitrocrazed
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