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Sterling waves to the crowd.288 viewsSterling waves to the crowd.RaceCraftBearings
Tampa MBC_0883.JPG
Sterling getting close240 viewsSterling gettin closeRaceCraftBearings
Tampa MBC_0885.JPG
Sterling retrieving his boat.228 viewsSterling retrieving his boat.RaceCraftBearings
Tampa MBC_0886.JPG
Its hard to wean an Air Head off those props459 viewsBuds Cat runs really well with a Marine prop but it was hard to convince him to take off the Air prop. :-) RaceCraftBearings
Tampa MBC_0887.JPG
Tampa Bay Model Boat Assn.611 viewsBig Jim and NormRaceCraftBearings
Tampa MBC_0889.JPG
Norm, Big Jim and Fred Hartley.422 viewsNorm, Big Jim and Fred Hartley.RaceCraftBearings
Tampa MBC_0890.JPG
Big Jim launches Norms 45 Road Runner.348 viewsBig Jim launches Norms 40 Road Runner.RaceCraftBearings
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