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524 viewsMy new 8700 U10 hull.p thomas
382 viewsI have the turbine tube installed It is mounted to the rear deck with two screws. p thomas
413 viewsAll the cowl mounts are done The front drivers cockpit is monted with two screws at the back and a pin in the nose. The molded driver fits well inside and there is room for a Sullivan 16oz. tank Lots of room for a bigger metal tank too. p thomas
491 viewsI used 3/16 pins to mount the airscoop to the front cowl and a roller snap at the rear. This worked out real well and is easy to fit, it holds tight too so the cowl should stay on. p thomas
436 viewsFront cockpit mounts use a pin at the front and screws go into the wood blocks at the back. p thomas
429 viewsmolded clear windshield, It will be fastened with some shoe goo. p thomas
439 viewsdriver looking out It will look alot better when he gets some paint detal done. p thomas
498 viewsmolded driver figure mounted in the cowling.p thomas
665 viewsPlenty of room for the front fuel tank, this is a Sullivan 16oz. I plan to use a 1-2 oz hopper right in front of the motor to feed the carb needle valve.p thomas
520 viewsMac motor sit with the carb up under the front cowl. A CMB will have plenty of room too for the carb. p thomas
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