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'76 Norco Eaglet .21 Mono


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Random files - oldlugs's Gallery
Converted MAC .21 O.B.310 viewsoldlugs
MAC .21 O.B.235 viewsWhat a purdy little powerhead.oldlugs
Rossi 21 Quiet Pipe152 viewsOlder style Rossi .21 muffled pipe.oldlugs
MAC .21187 viewsoldlugs
Rico 20 Mono256 viewsoldlugs
182 viewsoldlugs
Rossi Piranha285 viewsoldlugs
170 viewsMy first attempt at turning a short flywheel & cone to fit an SG crank. Turned from 6061 alloy, with a 360 alloy brass cone. I need to get faster making these; it took me way too long... I'm just learning my new 7x10 lathe, and need to make up & modify the tooling as I go.oldlugs
Rossi Piranha Back250 viewsoldlugs
224 viewsoldlugs

Last additions - oldlugs's Gallery
Eaglet So Far225 viewsPic shows the framework with the bottom skinned. Not sure yet if it'll handle the power of a modern .21... May go with a hot .12 in this one. Finished boat will be only 26.5" long.oldlugsMay 18, 2007
1976 Norco Eaglet Bottom (so far)213 viewsThis is a vintage Norco Eaglet I'm putting together. I picked up the unbuilt kit on eBay & traced all the parts to build one from fresh wood. The original kit wood was good stuff, but I didn't see any sense in using an unbuilt original kit, when I can just copy it. :) Pic shows hull bottom freshly skinned.oldlugsMay 18, 2007
Converted L.Collari-Innotech .12204 viewsIt's really just a different flavor of AXE Rossi .12, sold by Innotech. The head was trimmed down, and a flywheel turned to fit the SG clutch type crank.oldlugsApr 17, 2007
Converted XS400 buggy .21274 viewsIt's an L.Collari-Innotech XS400 buggy .21 engine, converted to marine with a Piranha/Niagara cooling jacket and flywheel turned to fit the SG style crank. L.Collari has used several engine manufacturers and vendors over the years to promote sales of product carrying his name... Innotech was one, but these engines were built by AXE Rossi. Specs look to be the same as the AXE Rossi "Black Magic", which was considered a very high torque .21 that still revved well.oldlugsApr 17, 2007
Early AXE Rossi HTS .21 case has the forward mounting lugs.330 viewsI cut a couple of flywheels to clear the larger case and forward mounting lugs on this AXE Rossi. The later engines with this style case don't have these drilled, and they're ground down more.oldlugsApr 14, 2007
Cut to fit AXE Rossi .21s with the extra mounting lug.179 viewsSince some AXE Rossi .21s have an oddball forward mounting lug, these needed to be cut a little shallower in the back.oldlugsApr 14, 2007
SG crank flywheels.203 viewsoldlugsApr 14, 2007
Flywheels cut to fit .21 car/buggy SG cranks.208 viewsA few different styles and weights to fit various SG crank .21s I have.oldlugsApr 14, 2007
206 viewsTaper and cone size the same as NovaRossi, but the flywheel's short enough for a piloted flex collet to grab plenty of threads. A 7mm chucking reamer bores the cone to fit snugly on the crank. Still need to trim the SG clutch shaft on this CMB/MAC buggy engine.oldlugsApr 05, 2007
178 viewsoldlugsApr 05, 2007