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Top View #1

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newly painted sponsons with new gun


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whiplash throttle pics


this will help you figure out how to set up the throttle linkage on a whiplash sport 20 with a 180 exhaust motor

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blackbird for sale


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boom tube pics


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pushrod seals & mounting system


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Random files - Chris Wood's Gallery
flowmeter pics108 viewsChris Wood
servo layout 395 viewshere you will see i had to set the servos in line to fit NO ROOM!!!
notice the throttle arm setup. it is a delrin bushing with a oring on both sides and a delrin washer on both sides to seal.. NO WATER YET....
Chris Wood
hardware 3207 viewsif you notice only 4 bolts hold it on.. rudder is 7075.. about 3 yrs oldChris Wood
needle set up316 viewsI had no spot for a needle so i used one of don f. bases that fit just in front of the motorChris Wood
motor area530 viewsnotice the boat comes with a wood rc boat products shaft oilerChris Wood
more paint142 viewsbottom viewChris Wood
bottom view228 viewslittle oil spots.. nothing to big. it is a race boat not a show pcChris Wood
throttle arm #2373 viewsthis is a better pic of how i set it up.. there just is no room for a 180degree motor and the throttle linkage.. this works great and havn't had any issues yet.. Chris Wood
side view594 viewseasy to see on the water.. this boat has won ALOT of races.. it is a great performer.Chris Wood
transom225 viewsi don't have the hardware mounted but hardware will go with the boatChris Wood

Last additions - Chris Wood's Gallery
back of flow meter114 viewsChris WoodMay 16, 2008
flowmeter pics108 viewsChris WoodMay 16, 2008
flowmeter pics134 viewsChris WoodMay 16, 2008
flowmeter pics144 viewsChris WoodMay 16, 2008
flow meter pics116 viewsChris WoodMay 16, 2008
seals mounted500 viewsHere is the seal that will come in the kit. With the mounting system and
o-ring. Nice and clean.

I believe the kit will include 3 seals,mounts & o-rings.

Price to be determined....
Chris WoodMar 15, 2008
seals mounted on boat502 viewsHere is a view of the seals mounted to my blackbirdChris WoodMar 15, 2008
complete pushrod seal and mount433 viewsAnother shot of the seal system.. The great thing about this is you can epoxy on the mount, and if the seal goes bad all you have to do is pull off the o-ring and replace the seal. No more silicone seals and waiting for it to set up. Or super glueing on seals.. Quick and great in a Emergency.
Chris WoodMar 15, 2008
complete seal & mount553 viewsin this view you can see the mount with the seal and o-ring.

this is not the correct seal.. all are on my own boat till our order comes in for them. this is for a 2-56. the correct seals are for 4-40 thru 1/8".

I believe a 2-56 will also work fine
Chris WoodMar 15, 2008
bottom view228 viewslittle oil spots.. nothing to big. it is a race boat not a show pcChris WoodFeb 28, 2008