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2008 U-7 Formula FE build up


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1972 U-7 Notre Dame build up


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1994 U-10 Smokin' Joe's build up


Smokin' Joe's!! My all time favorite Unlimited Hydro!

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1996 U-10 Smokin' Joe's build up


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1994 U-1 Bud T-4 resurrection


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Jaguar III twin build up


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Blackbird 21 hydro build up


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Zippkits Rockett Classic Thunderboat build up


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2009 Fun Junktion SAW trials


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2009 ODMBA oval trials


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Don's Picture Gallery


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Misc stuff & things for sale


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Random files - Don Ferrette's Gallery
C8 - applying the PPG DZ3925 viewsFinally got the paint gun out. This is the first application of PPG DZ3. Most of this will be sanded off (DZ3 sands very easily) as I use this to show imprefections in the glass (there were plenty), scratches & pinholes. After filling in the bad spots & sanding most of it off there will be another application & sanding procedure before the PPG DP48LF epoxy primer goes on. Don Ferrette
B8 - pushrods693 viewsTime to make up all the pushrods, 2-56 for the throttle & 3rd channel & 4-40 for steering. Here I am preparing to solder the clevis on the servo end of the pushrod. The red thing clipped to the pushrod is an electronics heat sink I got at Radio Shack (part #276-1567), really draws the heat away quickly, the best $2 I've spent in a while.Don Ferrette
524 viewsDon Ferrette
B2 - deck cut out717 viewsHere's where I cut the rear deck out to allow easier access to the strut for adjusting. I will build a seperate rear deck plate that will hold the turbine tube & the small turbine tube cowling. It will be quick & easy to remove for strut adjustments should that ever become necessary.Don Ferrette
580 viewsDon Ferrette
E8 - front bottom view on tilt780 viewsDon Ferrette
B5 - final fitting625 viewsBolted the CMB RS-7 onto the new mount rails to double check & everything lines up perfectly. Also visible in this pic the CMDi billet 21 header works with only needing a reduced diameter header bushing and the CMDi pipe will telescope over the header. Don Ferrette
717 viewsDon Ferrette
E1 - side shot flat on trailer816 viewsDon Ferrette
D6 - corrected canards660 viewsAfter bonding the re-cut & re-shaped top pieces back in place the corner radius filler is laid in. Once this sets up I will sand it to blend the lines & then continue on with the fitting up of the canard flaps. I really didn't plan on this as it wasted almost an entire day but I just couldn't let it go like it was.Don Ferrette

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