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Random files - garrett randall's Gallery
20 rr new with extra.jpg
20 roadrunner with ultralight sponsons above845 viewsWhat a difference?!?!garrett randall
new duce.jpg
33" seaducer477 viewsMy new/used 33" seaducer, thanks Tony J.

To be painted in R/W/B, can you believe it???
garrett randall
eau claire 2004.jpg
Wisconsin State Championships 2004512 viewsNumber 4 for the little green boat. A rebuilt Geraghty Novarossi made a lot of difference, lots more speed from the prior year...garrett randall
20 rr new transom.jpg
20 roadrunner showing hardware837 views20 roadrunner showing hardwaregarrett randall
33 name.jpg
email me...441 viewsgarrett randall
the fleet.jpg
The Fleet 2004821 views20 Seaducer/novarossi LS, 20 C/F Roadrunner/novarossi LS, 40 Viper CMB cam, 40 Roadrunner Picco disk, 60 SD3 Seaducer CMB .67 Purple headgarrett randall
20 yellow sponson.jpg
20 yellow sponson606 viewsBooms matched perfectly...garrett randall
atlanta close up.jpg
40 Viper at the Atlanta Springnats April 2004494 viewsgarrett randall
extra sponsons.jpg
ultralight sponsons for 20 boat527 viewsgarrett randall
20 rr new 1.jpg
20 roadrunner763 viewsGone to FLA...garrett randall

Last additions - garrett randall's Gallery
for Kate552 viewsKate Crawford, daughter of Mike 'Woodstuff' Crawford, probably around 2007 in Kenosha, WI.garrett randallJun 03, 2008
CDmachine Hawk 45739 viewsThe latest to come from David Preusse, my new CDmachine Hawk. David has been developing this for a few years now, and I was fortunate enough to receive the beneits of his hard work. Thanks to David for all the dedication and endless support on this. Please visit David's website A big thanks to Mike Siriani for the paint.garrett randallMar 14, 2006
new duce.jpg
33" seaducer477 viewsMy new/used 33" seaducer, thanks Tony J.

To be painted in R/W/B, can you believe it???
garrett randallMar 14, 2006
gary_s gators.jpg
Gary Randall's Gator hydros...must be about '81 or '82787 viewsI was only 10, after all...I can't remember EVERY race...LOLgarrett randallSep 20, 2005
33 side 4.13.jpg
New 33" seaducer for 2005665 viewsCant wait to try it out...garrett randallApr 21, 2005
33 front.jpg
New (used) 33" Seaducer450 viewsThanks Jerry, thanks Preston...LOVE the boat.garrett randallApr 21, 2005
33 name.jpg
email me...441 viewsgarrett randallApr 21, 2005
web vince.jpg
20 Calcraft548 viewsOff to the east coast...take care of it Terry!

Thanks to Ron Zaker Jr. for the paint, and Josh Wiet for the set up...
garrett randallApr 09, 2005
the fleet after 2004 season.jpg
End of the year 2004 Fleet633 views20 seaducer NR long stroke/20 CF Roadrunner NR long stroke/40 Viper CMB cam/40 Roadrunner Picco Silverhead diskrotor/60 Seaducer CMB purple headgarrett randallApr 09, 2005
2003 .21 shootout pitman.JPG
Intense pit man727 viewsI was pitting for Charley Howarth at the 2003 20 shootout in Chicago...I dont remember how he faired in that heat...garrett randallApr 09, 2005