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A complete chroming tank with heaters. The chrome tank is maintained at 130 deg. F. & is run at a current density of 3 amps/sq. in. The total current required for the brass holding fixture & the liner is 24 amps. The brass holding fixture prevents the buildup of chrome on the top & bottom of the liner. This build up takes place on the fixture & is removed afterwards with a warm 50% solution of HLC acid. At a current density of 3 amps/, .0012 in of chrome/side/hr. will be deposited. In 2 to 2.5 hrs, a total of .0024+ in of chrome should be deposited on the liner wall. If done properly, this simple bath will deposit smooth chrome with a hardness of 1,000 Vickers. Carbide tooling WILL NOT cut even 900 vickers chrome!

chrome tank 001.jpg chrome tank 002.jpg chrome tank 003.jpg chrome tank 004.jpg chrome tank 005.jpg
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