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OPS B20 (limited edition)3972 viewsa twin .60gil sonsino
l13916 viewsUsed a new Leeson 1/2hp motor that came with the fan for my spray booth, put the 1hp that came with the mill in the booth. Terry Keeley
Kep's 21 oval2985 viewsMy first designed heat-race boat in 20 years (that is actually also built and raced). Runs with Sirio Kanai-2 engine with CMD barrel carb and home made water cooling head and home made short flywheel.Niklas Edlund
e1 - 40 boat becomes 60 SAW, Huntsville '03.2902 viewsTerry Keeley
Retrieve boat2876 viewsPropjockey
2721 viewsCouldnt live without them, Great Planes bar sanders - I use the 80 grit paper.Niklas Edlund
g52694 viewsMade a little broach from a 1/8" square hss blank soldered to a pocket cut in a piece of drill rod. With a little patience I was able to cut a keyway on my Compact 5 mill/drill.Terry Keeley
2689 viewsOne of my 2000 Bud T5 kits built by David Preussep thomas
i2-Won't be long now...2646 viewsTerry Keeley
2548 viewsJust another view...Niklas Edlund
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