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CF 3280 pipe for MAC/Valvola159 viewsThis pipe is a CF version of the OPS3280. Available in both MAC/Valvola/K&B front exhast, and NR/CMB rear exhaust styles. Standard head pipe is 0.527" ID. Reaming the head pipe to 0.565" for telescoping over the small MAC header is available for $5 upcharge. tnrcboatracer
NR CF 3280147 viewstnrcboatracer
NR Squarewave pipe179 viewsThis pipe was designed by Rod Geraghty. Testing to date has been excellent. Available in both NR/CMB rear exhaust and MAC/Valvola/K&B front exhaust configurations.tnrcboatracer
NR Squarewave pipe designed by Rod Geraghty.147 viewstnrcboatracer
NR CF Squarewave pipe 178 viewstnrcboatracer
MAC 21 CF pipe150 viewstnrcboatracer
Marty Davis designed MAC21 pipe.174 viewsThis pipe will only be available for the MAC/Valvola front exhaust engines. The design of this pipe is spec'd for 33,000+ RPM.tnrcboatracer
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