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a-Thread Lake looking south.162 viewsAlmost three straight-away lengths till you hit the traps. Terry Keeley
b-Directly accross the lake.119 viewsTerry Keeley
d-Sunday at 7am.107 viewsSunday was a nicer day but the temperature climbed to 17C (65F) and with a slightly better baro of 750' we had 96% air.Terry Keeley
e-Kenny Noble keeps the area up for us, thanks!180 viewsTerry Keeley
c-Saturday afternoon with a light drizzle.282 viewsSaturday was the best air with 875' PA and 8C giving us 99%, lots of water though with a light drizzle falling. New "double back-up" console built by Randall Thomas in foreground. Terry Keeley
f-Steve Ball.341 viewsSteve's new to Thread Lake and came up Sunday to make a few runs with his 20 Hawk. Ran a 22 sec. oval pretty easy.Terry Keeley
g-Dang Buoys.327 viewsSteve nailed buoy 6 trying to trim his previous time. We need the bouys "hard mounted" so they don't interfere with the beams, but next year we'll try 12" floats cut in half, hopefully they'll be more "boat friendly".Terry Keeley
h-Terry Flynn324 viewsTerry's new to Thread Lake also and came from the Chicago area to make some fast runs with his big Seaducer. See ya next year!Terry Keeley
i-Co-CD Mike Nowicki273 viewsMike worked his butt off all weekend and keeps the northern set of IMPBA timing equipment and the retreive boat in tip-top shape, thanks Mike!Terry Keeley
j-Mike's 20 hydro.501 viewsMike's record setting hull, 2lb. 7oz. without fuel. Clean, strong building and design. Terry Keeley
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