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210 viewsMikael Sundgren made a visit on saturday. Micke also race outriggers in the middle of the 80's - after the saturday race he borrowed Jorgen's 21 rigger for a test drive and he got the feel for riggers again...Niklas Edlund
273 viewsBooth me and Jorgen had friends borrrowing an 3.5 hydro from us for the race on Saturday. This is my friend and future hydro star Jonas Eriksson with one of my 2005 Kep's 3.5 boats. Needless to say he was smilling all day. Jonas finished 5:th overall at his first boat race ever. But for shure it wont be his last boat race... ;-)Niklas Edlund
221 viewsFormer hydro "star" Kalle Schenning checking how its done 20 years later... ;-)Niklas Edlund
163 viewsPits in Oxelosund - we had very nice weather all weekendNiklas Edlund
196 viewsJorgen Andersson talking to "rookie" Jonas ErikssonNiklas Edlund
250 viewsMats Karlsson about to launch his 15 cc rigger.Niklas Edlund
188 viewsMats Karlsson must have had one of his best 15 cc seasons for quite some time I think. He finished 3:rd over all in 2006.Niklas Edlund
221 viewsSwedish Champ in 7.5 & 15 cc - Anders Martinelle.Niklas Edlund
219 viewsThis was a "Kodak" moment for shure... It tumbled for so long on the back straight that I had the time to pick up the camera, turn it on and take one shot before in went "silent"...Niklas Edlund
264 viewsTorbjorn Carlson's rigger - he won the nats on saturday in 15 cc and finished second over all in 2006.Niklas Edlund
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