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1979 price list.jpg
tidewater price list (1979)342 viewsprices are much more cheaper than todaygil sonsino
3D's boats252 viewsgil sonsino
3D_s boats.jpg
3D's models176 viewsgil sonsino
Aeromarine enterprises.jpg
Aeromarine Entreprises210 viewsnews for 1978gil sonsino
aeromarine stuff.jpg
water trap207 viewsit was used to keep the radio drygil sonsino
AMPS Outdrives (Great Britain)272 viewsgil sonsino
astro flight.jpg
astro flight223 viewsimpressive record for that time.gil sonsino
Avenger mono.jpg
avenger boats276 viewsgil sonsino
avenger riggers.jpg
avenger boats322 viewsgil sonsino
batteries (70's)221 viewsgil sonsino
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