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precision cable collet assembly


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Random files - Jim Allen's Gallery
Engine building 013.jpg
the need to know & rpm's destroy engines not HP818 viewsIn order to determine the rpm limit of the S-7 "I" beam connecting rod, this .80 engine was dyno tested at 38,000 rpm. After about one minute running time the rod failed completly! The carburetor used had a .750 bore; the exhaust timing was 198 deg; the transfer timing was 130 deg & the boosts 125 deg; the inverted drum valve opened 30 deg ABDC & closed 66 deg ATDC; the two stage pipes tuned length was 8.75 in; & the fuel used was 65% nitro. Jim Allen
gas tank 010.jpg
Outside of the drawn metal piece349 viewsNotice how small the radius is in the corners.Jim Allen
gas tank 002.jpg
Eagle SG Gas side & top view366 viewsJim Allen
Deep-Groove Ball Bearing 034.jpg
762 viewsThis fixture is used to machine stacked brass shim stock into gaskets. Drill holes in all clamped pieces at the same time; fasten in the fixture & finish machine. If the machining is done properly their will be no burrs that have to be removed.Jim Allen
gas tank 017.jpg
Fuel tank in SG 80 hull500 viewsEnough room has been provided to allow .125 thick foam to be placed on the bottom & both sides of the tank.Jim Allen
paint spraying equipment 003.jpg
6 ozs glass jar198 viewsThe 6 ozs glass jar is screwed into position. Three to four ozs of paint will cover all surfaces on most large size wood riggers.Jim Allen
dynamometer 012.jpg
water reservoir control valve727 viewsThis valve is opened as the engines throttle is opened. This valve is necessary because the application of the full water supply at low throttle settings may pull the engine down or prevent it from piping up. Jim Allen
torque cradle 014.jpg
Top view of black delrin clamp block & throttle control912 viewsThe throttle control is designed for very rapid opening & closing; a necessary feature when testing piped engines. Engines that are tunned properly, will pipe up instantly from 12,000 to 32,000 rpm, even after long periods of low throttle operation. This fearure is helped greatly by the automatic fuel metering carburetor.Jim Allen
548 viewsSunnen honing oil applied with a small brush provides enough lubricant for grinding this piece.Jim Allen
connecting rod 002.jpg
662 viewsA Brown & Sharp type dividing head is used to machine the windows in the retainer of a connecting rod & machine liner windows. A rotary table could be used, but the dividing head has a pin which drops into a hole eliminating the possibility of parallax error. Notice that this dividing head has a custom 36 hole plate mounted which allows divisions of 1/4 of a degree or 15 minutes.Jim Allen

Last additions - Jim Allen's Gallery
787 viewsCompleted pieces are all interchangeable & after mounting to the flywheel are within +-.0002 concentricity 1.000 in from the split collets face. The same type of a flanged piece with six mounting holes is made when I set up ball and pin universals for solid shaft applications. When using the solid shaft method the thrust is driven up the entire shaft into the engine by using hardened thrust washers between the ball ends & there sloted ends. Jim AllenSep 27, 2007
658 viewsThese spring steel washers will prevent any galling of the clamping nut, even when it is tightened with great force.Jim AllenSep 27, 2007
676 viewsMachine an arbor; fasten pieces securely; machine the OD with carbide. Finished washers have no burs on the OD or ID & are very precise.Jim AllenSep 27, 2007
466 viewsJim AllenSep 27, 2007
581 viewsAfter clamping .010 thick spring steel pieces between two aluminum pieces, they are machined square to a convienent size. Boring with carbide gives a clean hole without burs. Jim AllenSep 27, 2007
589 viewsThis photo shows the locking nut being singled pointed internally. This piece does not have to be hardened because it will ride against the spring steel washer when tightening the split collet. It is made of #316 stainless steel.Jim AllenSep 27, 2007
545 viewsThe collet holding fixture is made of #316 stainless steel & is not hardened. Jim AllenSep 27, 2007
523 viewsThe split collets are ground internally while being held in the fixture directly above them. External grinding was proved to be un-necessary.Jim AllenSep 27, 2007
635 viewsThis photo shows the back ends of the split collets being ground square to their ID's. This is done in a Suburban Tool Master-Grind. (+-.00005 spindle runout) The split collets are wrung onto a hardened indicated gage pin for this operation.Jim AllenSep 27, 2007
935 viewsTwo 6-32 SHCS, a precisely machined steel hub on the flywheel face (.5002 OD) & a flange on the tapered sleeve which has a 1.125 in OD (.5000 ID), ensures positive location of the tapered sleeve each time it is mounted. The hub is #316 stainless steel & is shrunk into the flywheel before final machining. Notice the six bolt hole pattern used on the tapered sleeve's flange. This feature allows automatic positioning of the propeller to a horizontal position if the engine should stop suddenly at wide open throttle & prevents the hull from diving! It is used on solid drive shaft setups.Jim AllenSep 27, 2007