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Random files - Don Ferrette's Gallery
A6 - accent colors567 viewsAfter airbrushing the PPG white base in this area, the checkerboard pattern is masked off, cut & then the appropriate squares are picked out. Once both sides are done then tub gets masked off & the PPG black is laid down with the airbrush. I could easily do this in vinyl but that's just not my style. The two countersunk holes are for the remote needle base mounting with stainless allen head screws.Don Ferrette
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A4 - hardware710 viewsHere's the "meat & potatoes" of the hardware. Complete machined delrin motor mount set that comes tapped & fitted as you see here. Pre-sharpened turn fin & the famous Wood's shaft oiler. Look closely at the strut & rudder, note that it is a combo assembly that only needs 4 bolts to hang both off of the transom, that is nice especially on a little 20 hydro! Don Ferrette
C5 - modified rear deck1048 viewsNow that's more like it, much easier to access the strut for adjustments & easier to clean up inside now as well. You can see where the lip has been added to the undersides to support the removable section.Don Ferrette
017 - throttle pushrod holes drilled652 viewsAfter checking and rechecking everything numerous times the throttle pushrod exit holes are drilled. Again I can't stress enough to spend extra time here to make sure it's perfect. The Futaba 9405 high torque servo is seen sitting in the box, I prefer having more than enough power to move the throttles on a twin, cheap insurance against a potential stuck WFO condition if you ask me.Don Ferrette
E3 - first coat of DZ3 primer591 viewsA sign of progress, first coat of PPG DZ3 is on. Here's where we get down to the real cosmetics of the boat as this shows the smaller imperfections you couldn't see before. At least until I start sanding it's all one color and actually came out better than I expected, not to mention it's fun shooting paint & not caring if it runs as you'll sand 90% of it off.Don Ferrette
A4 - positioning ram wings479 viewsAfter setting correct angle of attack of both fore & aft ram wings guide holes are drilled where screws will hold properly aligned during the bonding process.Don Ferrette
the Time Master has spoken.....152 viewsNow I already told you that was the time you ran, you got a problem with that? Jim Skelton was a machine running the timing gear all weekend and did a SUPER job! THANKS Jim!!Don Ferrette
A9 - engine compartment735 viewsHere you can see the supplied machined Delrin motor mount is installed as well as the Jackrabbit Racing needle base fitted with the OS 3rd channel needle. Walt Barney stainless tank sitting up front ready to be plumbed when the motor gets here. The small black tube in the bottom corner just behind the rear motor mount nylon spacer is a carbon fiber tube epoxied in place to keep the fuel line nice & tightly tucked out of the way. The opposite side of tub that is not visible has the same tube for the pipe pressure line.Don Ferrette
A5 - bonding of the pieces491 viewsAll the seperate pieces are tabled, marked & drilled for guide screws that will hold everything correctly in position while the special 2216 3M epoxy sets up. Don Ferrette

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