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SGX/MAC45-IMPBA World Record Holder 1/3 mile oval D hydro2251 viewsDon Ferrette
B8 - fitting the mechanicals2011 viewsAll the hardware, running gear & mounting brackets now in place & linkages made. Electronics have been bench tested & trimmed so after painting it's a matter of carefully re-installing everything & heading for the pond for final dial in. The foam blocks for floatation are visible under the deck. I had to go with the foam as you can't find pool noodles in the dead of winter. Now it's on to the fitting & finishing of the "cosmetic" pieces to get it ready for prepping for paint.Don Ferrette
just a suggestion but.....215 might be faster with a motor on the back. Jimmy Johnson holding his ballistic D o/b tunnel hull that went 80mph on a one way pass. Don Ferrette
176 viewsDon Ferrette
113 viewsDon Ferrette
the business end250 viewsThose M&H Racemaster slicks look good under thereDon Ferrette
B5 - re-sizing the rear verticals618 viewsAs with previous Thunderboat Reproduction hulls the rear vertical wings are once again too tall & in this case also too wide. After cutting off over 3/8" off the tops & 1/4" off the trailing edge, the gaps are filled with bondo to be re-shaped & then re-drilled for the horizontal wing. Don Ferrette
D1 - rear support brace862 viewsHere another piece of 3/8" x 3/8" stock is cut, shaped then epoxied to the underside of cowl just forward of where the transom is. This not only helps hold the proper shape on the rear of the cowl but also butts up against the inner edge of the transom to help secure the cowl from moving around.Don Ferrette
A8 - radio box part 3819 viewsA place for everything & everything in it's place. Like the radio boxes in my other scale boats every bit of space is utilized. Once the inside is sealed with West Systems the top piece will get cut out & the step added to hold the clear plastic lid flush with the top for a nice tight seal when it is taped up. Note the clear plastic tube in the upper left hand corner that allows a clean exit of the antenna wire out of the radio box. Once antenna wire is pulled thru, a piece of heat shrink tubing on the outside end will give a nice watertight seal.Don Ferrette
E6 - epoxy primer956 viewsAfter thoroughly sanding down the DZ-3 & spot filling a couple minor imperfections with Sikkens Kombi-Putty on goes the epoxy primer. Two good coats of PPG DP48LF & things are really moving along now. Next will be the base color after the primer has completely cured & a final check for any areas that might need some light sanding.Don Ferrette

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