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just a suggestion but.....222 might be faster with a motor on the back. Jimmy Johnson holding his ballistic D o/b tunnel hull that went 80mph on a one way pass. Don Ferrette
B8 - rear view 781 viewsHere's a quick shot of the transom showing the exhaust tube outlet. The location winds up just to the left of where the Speedmaster rudder will be installed.Don Ferrette
581 viewsDon Ferrette
D2 - adding support lip for cockpit liner690 viewsUsing a piece of cardboard tightly wrapped in wax paper I begin adding strips of 2oz. cloth to form the supporting lip on each side & the front to secure the cockpit liner. The cardboard is is the same size & thickness as the 3/32" birch ply base I just cut which will get the Phil Thomas driver figure epoxied to it then custom cut & shaped for the MAC carb to have plenty of room to breathe. Don Ferrette
E3 - rear angle flat on trailer693 viewsDon Ferrette
B4 - deck strip install883 viewsHere the deck strips are in place in curing. Note the change of scenery, this is sitting on my dining room table with multiple layers of paper protection. We had a sudden cold snap that evening & I knew the shop would not stay warm enough for the West Systems to cure overnight as I had not gotten the heaters out yet. Also note the number of clips on each side of the decking as well as the weight & tape. Like I said previously clamps, clips, tape & weights will be your best friend. There are 48 clips in this picture.Don Ferrette
C1 - rear verticals594 viewsThe bottom of each vertical wing gets slotted to fit over the previously installed aluminum angle brackets. Then they are marked & drilled from the side that faces the turbine tube, only thru to the slot & a little into the opposite side without penetrating the outside surface. The aluminum is then drilled to match the wings & tapped for the 6-32 nylon screws. This is a very study design but will break away when it needs to.Don Ferrette
A2 - engine well area766 viewsI had already added the supplied carbon fiber reinforcing mat before I realized I needed to snap a few pics. NOTE- the two wood boom tube blocks I added, Chris supplies a really nice set of precision machined Delrin rear boom supports and boom collars like what is used on the Crapshooter boats. The only reason I did this was I just couldn't bring myself to like the look of the boom collars, it's just a cosmetic thing with me & I spent a bunch of time making the blocks perfect to use stainless screws from underneath.Don Ferrette
019 - sealing the radio box652 viewsAfter removing everything the first coat of West Systems is applied, when cured it will be lightly sanded and a second thin coat added. You can see the blocks for securing the battery packs as well as the pedestals for the throttle bellcrank assembly and RX's. Also visible in the engine wells are the support rails for the cowl, mounting pads for the needle bases and the double stacked 3/4" long carbon fiber tubes (8 total) 'glassed in both sides of each well to keep the fuel, pressure and cooling lines neatly tucked off to the sides.Don Ferrette
006 - engine well drilling complete628 viewsBoth holes for stuffing tubes are now drilled in their proper location. Again check out the corner bracing at the bulkheads. Also note the "factory installed" carbon veil on the floorboard areas of the tank and engine wells. I talked Bob into doing this for me before the rear boom tube block and bulkheads went in so it could be one continuous piece. He admitted later that doing it that way made it much easier. Don Ferrette

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