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Random files - Don Ferrette's Gallery
B7 - underside of cockpit insert1130 viewsHere's the bottom view on the driver cockpit insert. This will allow plenty of open area around the MAC67 carb (this was a problem when I tried to run the MAC in my Winston Eagle as I moved the motor forward in that hull also). The 2 black lines are stranded carbon fiber added for strength. This set up will also keep any water from being injested by motor unless I turn it into a submarine! Don Ferrette
B4 - rear deck lid steps605 viewsHere I've added the 'glass strips under the deck edge to form the step to support the separate rear deck lid that will hold the turbine tube & turbine cowling. Once these strips are cured I will add a couple layers of 2oz. cloth from underneath to further reinforce them.Don Ferrette
458 viewsDon Ferrette
A - the real deal366 viewsOne of the few good side shots of the T-4 running at speed. The dead giveaway that this is in fact the T-4 is the water spray coming up thru the deck openings. Don Ferrette
124 viewsDon Ferrette
C3 - reinforcing the turbine tube decking549 viewsA second layer of 1/16" ply is added to the underside cut to fit just inside where the support step previously 'glassed on the hull opening contacts the top piece. Also a piece of 3/32" birch ply is added to the rear to form the lip that will lock the rear of decking under the hull top deck strip along the transom inside edge.Don Ferrette
A3 - modifying the nose642 viewsNothing new here as I prefer the stainless pin method for front cowl mount. The tip of the cowl gets cut off & 'glassed to the hull while also extending the tip of the nose past the canards like the real boat did. Hardwood ply is added to the cowl front & reinforced with carbon fiber from behind. Then it is drilled from the front for the pin & the area under the part cut from cowl is resin filled to make it solid & lock in the pin. Also 12 oz. of lead chips were added in with the resin filler for help balancing the hull later.Don Ferrette
yeah he might be smilin' now.......136 views.... that my Honda generator is charging the battery in Preston's truck. P-Man found out the night before that it's time to pay a visit to the local auto parts store for a battery a little newer than what's currently in his Ford.Don Ferrette
F1 - bottom view on tilt950 viewsDon Ferrette
B7 - decks curing807 viewsHere the sponson decking is taped in place & curing. Note again the weights to keep the hull sitting flat on the set up board. The instructions will tell you when & where to place the weights & shim blocks as you build, do like they say & the boat will come out nice & straight.Don Ferrette

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