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2008 U-7 Formula FE build up


51 files, last one added on Jul 05, 2014
Album viewed 270 times

1972 U-7 Notre Dame build up


9 files, last one added on May 21, 2017
Album viewed 80 times

1994 U-10 Smokin' Joe's build up


Smokin' Joe's!! My all time favorite Unlimited Hydro!

47 files, last one added on Oct 20, 2005
Album viewed 243 times

1996 U-10 Smokin' Joe's build up


57 files, last one added on May 25, 2007
Album viewed 358 times

1994 U-1 Bud T-4 resurrection


29 files, last one added on Dec 04, 2006
Album viewed 145 times

Jaguar III twin build up


38 files, last one added on Jan 31, 2010
Album viewed 652 times

Blackbird 21 hydro build up


20 files, last one added on Jun 23, 2008
Album viewed 307 times

Zippkits Rockett Classic Thunderboat build up


53 files, last one added on Jan 19, 2008
Album viewed 380 times

2009 Fun Junktion SAW trials


13 files, last one added on Nov 12, 2009
Album viewed 93 times

2009 ODMBA oval trials


10 files, last one added on Oct 26, 2009
Album viewed 72 times

Don's Picture Gallery


29 files, last one added on Jun 10, 2015
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Misc stuff & things for sale


11 files, last one added on May 28, 2011
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Random files - Don Ferrette's Gallery
I used to be able to see this #!@% without reading glasses267 viewsYup, me wearing my "yes I'm over 40" spectacles checking a needle O ring.Don Ferrette
'72 Chevelle SS454 another angle145 viewsDon Ferrette
A4 - motor mount pads680 viewsTwo hardwood blocks are 'glassed in with 1/2 oz. cloth. The block allow raising the motor up enough for the belt to fit under flywheel & also to have enough material to countersink mounting screws from the underside of the hull.Don Ferrette
"What the @#$& am I doing running Ferrette's colors?288 viewsMy buddy Steve Sutton with the Seaducer he bought off of me a couple weeks ago. He converted it to gas the week of the trials and the first time it got wet was running for times this weekend, now it's a world record holding boat. I think the price just went up!Don Ferrette
425 viewsDon Ferrette
A5 - PPG primer551 viewsSince I've reached a stopping point until the CMB motor arrives mid week I decided it's as good a time as any to lay down the colors. One light coat of PPG DP48LF white epoxy primer gives a rock solid base for PPG Concept color top coats.Don Ferrette
B6 - drivers cockpit1226 viewsWell this took some real thought. The MAC carb needed room to breathe so the Phil Thomas driver figure, which is hollow underneath, was drastically cut down & epoxied to the ply base which is cut out to match. Then using 3/4 oz. cloth over foam formers I created a large open area behind driver that will conceal engine from being viewed thru windshield. After the light glass layer cures it will be turned over & the rest molded in with 2 oz. cloth.Don Ferrette
B1 - the custom radio box1218 viewsConstruction begins on the radio box. Everything will be up front to further assist with the balance of the hull. One thing for sure is there is no wasted space in my radio boxes.Don Ferrette
681 viewsDon Ferrette
452 viewsDon Ferrette

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