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2008 U-7 Formula FE build up


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1972 U-7 Notre Dame build up


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1994 U-10 Smokin' Joe's build up


Smokin' Joe's!! My all time favorite Unlimited Hydro!

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1996 U-10 Smokin' Joe's build up


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1994 U-1 Bud T-4 resurrection


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Jaguar III twin build up


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Blackbird 21 hydro build up


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Zippkits Rockett Classic Thunderboat build up


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2009 Fun Junktion SAW trials


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2009 ODMBA oval trials


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Don's Picture Gallery


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Misc stuff & things for sale


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Random files - Don Ferrette's Gallery
90 viewsDon Ferrette
B5 - final fitting612 viewsBolted the CMB RS-7 onto the new mount rails to double check & everything lines up perfectly. Also visible in this pic the CMDi billet 21 header works with only needing a reduced diameter header bushing and the CMDi pipe will telescope over the header. Don Ferrette
482 viewsDon Ferrette
A7 - stuffing tube install1262 viewsHere the stuffing tube gets lined up to be 'glassed in after the motor mount holes are drilled. The kit comes pre-drilled on the #3 bulkhead for the stuffing tube but since I went with CY motor I had to slightly alter the height of the stuffing tube hole due to a casting difference on the bottom of the engine crankcase. No big deal as about 30 seconds with the Dremel tool took care of that.Don Ferrette
003 - motors in place551 viewsMounts are now milled, drilled and tapped with the CMB's firmly bolted in place. Milling and tapping delrin sure is easier and faster than doing the typical aluminum rails. Each rail is marked LO for left outer, LI for left inner, etc. to keep the correct placement while I worked on them.Don Ferrette
F3655 viewsDon Ferrette
A2 - setting tub ride height410 viewsBlocks of wood are cut to proper thicknesses to set the tub at desired ride height and AOA. This is the best way to keep tub in preferred position while the remaining 6 pieces get fitted. Small wood screws thru the tub bottom that will be filled in later lock in the correct positioning of the blocks.Don Ferrette
008 - stuffing tube holes finished568 viewsHere you can see the finished holes for the stuffing tubes to exit the bottom of the tub. Bob's specs give you a nice small opening just enough to get the tubes out at the proper location without taking away too much of the integrity of the bottom sheeting.Don Ferrette
C9 - angle brackets for magnetic latches640 viewsGalvanized metal angles are 'glassed into each side of cowling. I decide to give the neodymium magnets a try. Two 5/16"x1/8"x3" neo's are glassed under the deck edge that will line up with these pieces of angle stock. Neo's are insanely strong for their size so once everything has cured I'll see how tightly they hold the cowl as prior tests showed great promise. BTW- the two ball ends on the back of the cowl will get removed & holes filled when the old paint & graphics get stripped. Also note the wax paper to keep things from sticking together that shouldn't be.Don Ferrette
C9 - carb notch in deck842 viewsAs per the instruction the deck gets notched & then tabs glued under deck & on the filler piece to hold it in place when on the boat. This makes it real easy to choke the carb when you need to.Don Ferrette

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