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2008 U-7 Formula FE build up


51 files, last one added on Jul 05, 2014
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1972 U-7 Notre Dame build up


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1994 U-10 Smokin' Joe's build up


Smokin' Joe's!! My all time favorite Unlimited Hydro!

47 files, last one added on Oct 20, 2005
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1996 U-10 Smokin' Joe's build up


57 files, last one added on May 25, 2007
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1994 U-1 Bud T-4 resurrection


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Jaguar III twin build up


38 files, last one added on Jan 31, 2010
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Blackbird 21 hydro build up


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Zippkits Rockett Classic Thunderboat build up


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2009 Fun Junktion SAW trials


13 files, last one added on Nov 12, 2009
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2009 ODMBA oval trials


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Don's Picture Gallery


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Misc stuff & things for sale


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Random files - Don Ferrette's Gallery
I think this one is just right.....147 viewsSteve Sutton holding one of his oval record setting motors. The dude's got some bad mamma jamma gas monos.Don Ferrette
D9 - collectibles!627 viewsGot have all those nick nacks & collectibles to go with the boat. This is just a small portion of S/J stuff I've been collecting.Don Ferrette
D2 - adding support lip for cockpit liner637 viewsUsing a piece of cardboard tightly wrapped in wax paper I begin adding strips of 2oz. cloth to form the supporting lip on each side & the front to secure the cockpit liner. The cardboard is is the same size & thickness as the 3/32" birch ply base I just cut which will get the Phil Thomas driver figure epoxied to it then custom cut & shaped for the MAC carb to have plenty of room to breathe. Don Ferrette
017 - throttle pushrod holes drilled637 viewsAfter checking and rechecking everything numerous times the throttle pushrod exit holes are drilled. Again I can't stress enough to spend extra time here to make sure it's perfect. The Futaba 9405 high torque servo is seen sitting in the box, I prefer having more than enough power to move the throttles on a twin, cheap insurance against a potential stuck WFO condition if you ask me.Don Ferrette
C2 - fitting the wings1365 viewsAfter correcting both the size & placement of the rear verticals they are drilled & fitted to the deck. The horizontal wing is drilled & held temporarily by pieces of 2-56 rod. Next comes the wing support rods.Don Ferrette
B7 - starting the mechanicals694 viewsRadio box is bolted in place & motor is positioned as well. Here's where I will make all the linkages & do a quick trim setting. As with previous scale builds I always do the linkages & base trimming at this point to minimize potential scratches when assembling the painted hull later. Don Ferrette
B4 - rear deck lid steps604 viewsHere I've added the 'glass strips under the deck edge to form the step to support the separate rear deck lid that will hold the turbine tube & turbine cowling. Once these strips are cured I will add a couple layers of 2oz. cloth from underneath to further reinforce them.Don Ferrette
013 - stuffing tube install completed520 viewsWith the tape now removed you can see how cleanly both tubes exit the bottom of the tub and the taping prevented any excessive epoxy bleed through. Also note that the drain holes are already drilled in their respective positions. I always try to be sure all holes get drilled before tub is sealed. Can't tell you how many paint jobs I've seen ruined from where people drilled holes after painting and then the paint lifts from nitro and oils wicking into the exposed end grain.Don Ferrette
E4 - exhaust stack mounting791 viewsAfter cutting out the cowl openings 3/4" hardwood blocks are cut, shaped & epoxied in place. Once these have cured they will get a couple layers of 1/2oz. cloth added to strengthen the mounting, then the exhaust stacks get mounted to these blocks with #4x3/8" allen head cap screwsDon Ferrette
D2 - wet sanding color coat858 viewsEven though the yellow looked good the only way to get that super smooth end finish is to wet sand as each paint layer is added. Wet sanding also gives a very smooth surface for the graphics to lay down on. The Smokin' Joe's graphics are from Mike Gossler @ Pacific Graphics. I've been using Mike's stuff for a good number of years now & everything has always been top notch. He is by far my first choice for my scale artwork. Don Ferrette

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