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2008 U-7 Formula FE build up


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1972 U-7 Notre Dame build up


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1994 U-10 Smokin' Joe's build up


Smokin' Joe's!! My all time favorite Unlimited Hydro!

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1996 U-10 Smokin' Joe's build up


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1994 U-1 Bud T-4 resurrection


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Jaguar III twin build up


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Blackbird 21 hydro build up


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Zippkits Rockett Classic Thunderboat build up


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2009 Fun Junktion SAW trials


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2009 ODMBA oval trials


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Don's Picture Gallery


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Misc stuff & things for sale


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Random files - Don Ferrette's Gallery
B9 - test fit of boxes605 viewsAfter completing the initial basic build up of the two radio boxes a quick positioning check is done. Both boxes will actually be bolted in place once the construction & final fit is completed. Don Ferrette
D4 - HOK purple pearl960 viewsNow the good stuff, House Of Kolors purple pearl metallic #40. This is a basecoat/clearcoat design so it dries flat & relies on the clearcoat for it's shine. Even without the gloss on yet it is one very cool color.Don Ferrette
E5 - rear angle on tilt638 viewsDon Ferrette
B4 - mounts for rear wings1146 viewsAfter filling in original mounting holes (wings were too far forward) deck was slotted for aluminum angle stock. Bottom of angle that would be under deck was drilled & then liberally coated with polyester resin. Pieces were then fitting thru, pulled up against deck & clamped in place until resin cured. 3/8" holes were drilled on underside of hull with dowel pins pressed thru the bottom & up against aluminum for more support. The excess dowel was then cut off and sanded smooth with bottom of hull. Finished mounting is very strong.Don Ferrette
C9 - angle brackets for magnetic latches603 viewsGalvanized metal angles are 'glassed into each side of cowling. I decide to give the neodymium magnets a try. Two 5/16"x1/8"x3" neo's are glassed under the deck edge that will line up with these pieces of angle stock. Neo's are insanely strong for their size so once everything has cured I'll see how tightly they hold the cowl as prior tests showed great promise. BTW- the two ball ends on the back of the cowl will get removed & holes filled when the old paint & graphics get stripped. Also note the wax paper to keep things from sticking together that shouldn't be.Don Ferrette
3M Scotch Mount213 viewsThe good stuff for mounting sponsons.Don Ferrette
I used to be able to see this #!@% without reading glasses262 viewsYup, me wearing my "yes I'm over 40" spectacles checking a needle O ring.Don Ferrette
B6 - strut & stuffing tube560 viewsBottom of the hull gets marked & drilled/slotted for the strut assembly installation. The Speedmaster strut brackets are cross drilled lower & cut down for clearance. The center section of the hull is offset but the strut runs centered between the sponsons which you can see by the ruler placed inside the hull. This is a good thing as again I will run the soft "S" shaped stuffing tube which has been proven to actually offer less drag because it controls cable whip better than a straight tube.Don Ferrette
464 viewsDon Ferrette
110 viewsDon Ferrette

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